GARY F. CERASUOLO,  Attorney & Certified Mediator

Gary F. Cerasuolo is a founding partner in Smith & Cerasuolo, LLP. Mr. Cerasuolo has represented individuals and businesses throughout Texas in legal disputes and transactions since 1994. Mr. Cerasuolo's practice is geared at meeting all of the needs of his clients, including handling both litigation and transactional matters, as well as both business and personal matters. Mr. Cerasuolo's goal is to provide quality legal services at a cost that is reasonable and appropriate in amount to the size of the dispute or transaction involved. Mr. Cerasuolo has represented and continues to represent individuals and large and small businesses including, but not limited to, banks and other financial institutions, general contractors, subcontractors, electrical contractors, machine shops, commercial and residential landlords, equipment manufacturers, homeowners associations, real estate ventures, title companies, medical practices, oil and gas companies, oil field servicing contractors, individuals in need of wills and related documents, executors appointed under wills, and guardians of persons and estates.

Kevin Smith, a founding partner in the firm, has represented individuals, business owners and companies throughout Texas in hundreds of disputes for over two decades.  He has been hired by individuals, business owners and companies to prosecute and defend numerous types of cases. In a profession increasingly surrounded by specialists who only practice in one narrow area of the law, Mr. Smith is an exception. He believes that a lawyer should be intimately familiar with as many aspects of law as possible to provide the type of service and advice clients are entitled to receive. Mr. Smith has handled cases as that include fraud claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, "ponzi scheme" cases, minority shareholder oppression lawsuits, complex divorce matters, collections of monies due, breach of contract lawsuits, lease disputes, purchase and sale of real property, business formation and dissolution, employment matters, personal injury and complex family and estate matters.  Mr. Smith develops a personal interest in his clients and works to understand their unique needs.

KEVIN J. SMITH, Attorney & Certified Mediator